Taking a new concept from idea to reality, Branding - Design - Web & Graphic Development, Global Creative | USA is here for you!

Along with partners NASA Edge, Southern Illinois University & Sol Alliance, is hosting NASA's LIVE STREAMS from 3 different telescope feeds) of the 2017 & 2024 solar eclipse with the latest technology available on Earth today. You will also be able to stream your own video as a user on the site so users may see live stream channels from users across America!



Creating an entirely new concept, from branding - interior design - web development & marketing strategy to menu creation - menu design - project management & kitchen design, Global Creative | USA is able to take your next incredible idea and turn it into a reality!

Hilton Worldwide & honeymoon wishes

Video | Audio

From training videos to product and service commercials, Global Creative | USA is your one-stop-shop for high quality production services. You will feel like you have your very own production studio only limited by your imagination.


Lifeline Coaching & Education


Podcasts have proven to be extremely popular in the online marketing world and Global Creative | USA can produce your next online radio production. As the executive producer for The Leadership Lifeline at Lifeline Coaching & Education, I have helped to grow listener reach to over 80,000, created and implemented pre and post production follow up sequences and help with developing new marketing strategies to further grow our audience. In addition to recording, editing and launching each episode I also spend time making each and every guest feel comfortable with the technology requirements as well as coach them on their own unique format direction & frame of mind during the pre-interviews.




Global Creative | USA has created several online training materials from video training & print/ digital training resources to online training web development! If you need to educate your team, let us know so we can bring your training concept to LIFE!








The Healing Truth


Global Creative | USA is passionate about the health and wellness industry. With The Healing Chef and The Healing Truth, learn how to release harmful products for use in your home in all variations from food to makeup, deodorant, toothpaste and cleaning supplies.

The Healing Truth | USA

The Healing Chef




Commercial Production


This 30 second commercial video aired in Southern IL for almost 3 years. When we began this project, this video was just a mock up for the cable company to film and produce. We were originally only hired to create the concept. The owner decided he liked what we had done so much that he went ahead and used this final production fully produced by Audra Angelique.

Think. Eat. Live.

Marketing Video

This video is a great example of what can be done with pre-recorded footage. All of the raw footage in this video was already pre-recorded on several devices and Global Creative | USA was hired to bring it all together by producing a cohesive marketing video.

More to come

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We are under construction and working hard to add more past projects on this website. Please stay tuned!

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I am always working to add more past projects.

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